The Treasure of Morro Bay

In the Beginning . . .

Although debut novelist Cornell DeVille has written five novels so far, and is currently being published by Wildheart Books, this site is dedicated wholly to his first work--A Tale of Two Hearts. The information below is reprinted from a previous interview with Mr. DeVille.

The whole thing actually began in California. It was a few years ago. My wife and I had flown from Kansas City to San Francisco for a much-needed vacation. After seeing the sites in Frisco we headed south. We spent the next few days driving down the Pacific Coast Highway and along the Big Sur Coast. On the second day, we arrived in Morro Bay. We had lunch, and I drove toward the beach to take a look at Morro Rock. The image of that stone monolith remained in my head and became the catalyst for the Treasure of Morro Bay trilogy.

The first book in the trilogy is entitled 
A Tale of Two Hearts. It's a 40K-word adventure that's suitable for middle grade and young adult readers (as well as the adult adventure lover). If you enjoy a fast-paced adventure, with a bit of fantasy and a dash of danger, you'll love this story. The plot is well-crafted and the characters are memorable and unique.

After years in the writing, the editing, the finishing and polishing, it's finally available to the world. Thanks to the publisher, Wildheart Books, A Tale of Two Hearts can now be found on as a paperback as well as a digital eBook. If you'd like to purchase your own copy or send one as a gift to that special adventure lover in your life, simply click HERE. If you'd prefer to order it from this site, you can visit our Ordering Page.

If you'd like to view the book trailer and get your interest piqued a bit more, click HERE. Be sure to turn up the audio.