The Treasure of Morro Bay
A Tale of Two Hearts - The Treasure of Morro Bay - Book One 
Summer in Morro Bay can be boring. Especially when you're thirteen. But when Grant Parker and his friends discover a mystery that's been buried for over 300 years, suddenly summer isn't boring any longer. 

The chest they've uncovered has an eerie and cryptic warning engraved on the lid. Matt is convinced it contains a pirates treasure. But April isn't sure. She wants to put the chest back where they found it and not take any chances. When curiosity gets the better of them, they find an ancient spell book inside the chest. One of the spells seems fairly simple, but things don't turn out as they expect. And there's only one way to change things back to the way they're supposed to be. But the window of opportunity for making things right closes when the moon rises again.

The three friends set out on a dangerous adventure that leads them deep inside Morro Rock. They discover a lot more than they expect. And something even more unexpected waiting for them at the end of the dark tunnel.