The Treasure of Morro Bay

Cornell DeVille . . .

Cornell DeVille began writing as a child, and he has continued to pursue that activity. As a debut author, his work is beginning to capture the imagination and interest of middle grade and young adult readers. In addition to his tight plotting, DeVille has a unique talent for creating vivid environments that draw the reader into the story and keep them turning the pages. And his characters are not only believable but quite memorable. Maybe even a little familiar or similar to someone we've all known in our lives.

DeVille's creative talents extend into other areas of the arts. In addition to writing, he is also a nationally distributed wildlife artist and a professional musician. He and his wife, Rosie, currently live in the Kansas City area with their bichon-poodle, Hannah, and their white Persian cat, Billy.

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PUBLISHED BOOKS INCLUDE: A Tale of Two Hearts, Star Wishes, and Scary Night Music
UNPUBLISHED BOOKS INCLUDE: Deja Vu, Skullhaven, Cannibal Island, and Lost in the Bayou
BOOKS IN PROGRESS INCLUDE: Rings of Time (Sequel to Cannibal Island)